Hi. My name is Hannah Hodgson. I’m 18 and studying for my A-Levels. I love to read and write poetry. I have won a couple of poetry competitions including the Amnesty International Young Lyrics writer in 2015 and I have also won the Oxfam and Poetry Society’s ‘Even it up’ challenge.  I have a wide range of interests from knitting hats for preemie babies to adult colouring in.

I have decided to set up this blog almost one year to the day of coming home from hospital after a six month stay. I’m not going to discuss the condition I have in depth, but I may mention in passing the challenges that I face. Basically – don’t worry I’m not going to moan…

Having spent such a long time away I have gained such an appreciation of life. Things like going to the park – even in a wheelchair – are such a pleasures for me. As you may gather from the following posts I have ups and downs with my condition. I enjoy all of my hobbies because they allow me to do them seated or in bed. As previously mentioned, I am not going to be posting things about my condition, and you are only going to see my rosy days. I want this blog to be full of good memories that are there when I need them.

I want to write about differing topics and what is happening in my life at that moment – so things might be a bit random – but positive!

I’ll write soon.


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